Braid In Schedule 2018

For a printable version of the document below, click here: Schedule Braid In 2018 B

Note:  red text denotes a change as of 2/7/18:  a second class of Ocean Waves Border has been added, and the Ruffled Candle Mat class has been cancelled.

April 27, 2018
April 28, 2018
April 29, 2018
8:00 am  (Optional Continental Breakfast – $6 on Reg. Form) Breakfast Breakfast
9:00 am Welcome & Announcements Announcements Announcements
9:15 – 11:45 am

Morning Classes

Beginner Braiding 1
(Kershaw) (Newbie)
Beginner Braiding 3
(Kershaw) (Newbie)
Butting (LO & RO)
(Kauffman, Weinhold)
(Conf. Beg.)
Class A:  Ocean Waves Border 1
(Manges) (ADV)
Class A:  Ocean Waves Border 2
(Manges) (ADV)
Braiding with Wire
(Manges) (INT)
Bone-Shaped Rug 1
(Conf. Beg.)
Bone-Shaped Rug 2
(Conf. Beg.)
Braiding with Ties
(Conf. Beg.)
11:45 am Group Photo
12:00 noon Lunch Lunch (Optional Lunch – $10 on registration form)
1:00-3:00 pm

Afternoon I Classes

Beginner Braiding 2
(Kershaw) (Newbie)
Wool and Leather
Purse or Tote 1
(Watts) (Conf. Beg.)
Wool & Leather
Purse or Tote 2
(Watts) (Conf. Beg.)
Strawberry Trivet
(Kauffman) (INT)
Class B:  Ocean Waves Border 1
(Manges) (ADV)
Class B:  Ocean Waves Border 2
(Manges) (ADV)
Continuous Oval Multistrand
(Manges) (Conf. Beg.)
(N. Young)
(Conf. Beg.)
3:00 – 5:00 pm

Afternoon II Classes

Quillie Christmas Tree
Locker Hooked Mat
(C. Young)
Finishing Classes and Farewells
• Patterns in Rugs
• Shoe-lacing vs. e-lacing
• Tapering, Color changes
• Keeping patterns across the center line of an oval rug
Rug Punching: Try it out. Work with ¼” strips to create the look of rug hooking… but SO much faster.
5:00 pm Dinner Dinner
7:00 pm
Evening Program
Show and Tell
Challenge Rugs: Blue Willow
Speaker: Critter Pattern Works, Debora Konchinsky

Newbie or Non-Braiding      Conf Beg = Confident Beginner       INT = Intermediate
ADV = Advanced


Skill Levels of Braiders Signing up for Classes

Skills New-
Has braided a chair pad or rug
Can made a braid Start (any type)
Can fold strands inward while braiding (by hand, by pre-pressing, or by braid-aids)
Can lace braids together
Can braid and lace double corners w/a
Can increase on curves to keep a rug flat w/a
Can make (mostly hidden) color changes
Can calculate the length of an oval’s center for any size of rug
Can hide seams
Can taper
Can make patterns on straight braids (arrowhead, zigzag, diamond)
Can e-lace OR shoe-lace independently
Can follow a pattern and count loops
Can butt braids by at least one method
Can butt braids by at least two methods
Can adjust fabric width or stuff strands to keep braid loops the same size with different fabrics
Can make perfectly placed color changes with no visible seam
Can braid and lace triple, quadruple corners
Can adjust lacing to keep patterns on curves

**w/a = with assistance