Rugs = Food = Love Project

Sun Inn Rug assembled by Nancy Young in 2011

Plan:  Kris McDermet, Christine Manges, and Dianne Tobias are coordinating this venture to benefit the Food Banks.  So many of us are looking for ways to help others during this global pandemic.  This project gives us a way to help others while doing what we love.

            You make 9” wool rounds from braids, rug hooking, or rug punching; we assemble them into different shapes of rugs, buy tickets, and we then have a Drawing for the rugs.  The Drawing winners will get the rugs, plus the ticket proceeds (minus rug shipping cost) to donate to their chosen Food Bank.

Raffle Date:  Sept 4, 2020:  National Food Bank Day

Deadline for receipt of 9” rounds:  July 15, 2020

Details:  Make 9” wool rounds from either rug braiding or rug hooking or rug punching, or a combination of these techniques.  Hooked or punched rounds should fill to 9”, without cutting the piece out of the rug backing — we will finish the edges.  Several volunteers will have 6 weeks to assemble the donated 9” rounds into rugs (examples of assembled rugs shown in photos).  We will post photos on Facebook as they are finished.  Send raffle tickets via Paypal to the designated coordinator.

On Sept 4, National Food Bank Day, we will have a Zoom session for the ticket drawings, and the winners will be announced!  First name drawn gets first pick of rugs, second name drawn gets second pick, etc.  All ticket proceeds will be split among the winners’ chosen Food Banks (after deducting the cost of shipping the rugs).

What You Can Do to Help:

  1. Make 9” rounds and send them to your designated Rug-assembler.  Register with Dianne Tobias (, giving her name and technique; she will notify you of where to send your round.  Volunteer to be a Rug-assembler:  some large, some small rugs:  you pick your design.  Makers will send you rounds to assemble.  Contact Christine Manges: or Kris McDermet:
  2. Volunteer to make hooked or braided triangular and square inserts for joining circles (you will be notified of sizes, when rug-assemblers see what they have and how they will go together).  Contact Christine Manges or Kris McDermet, addresses above.
  3. Volunteer to be a Label-maker, listing the makers for each rug, and send the label to the rug-assembler to stitch onto the back of the rug.  Contact Dianne Tobias,
  4. Pick a Food Bank and buy tickets for the drawing – info later.

**Note:  photos are examples of assembled hooked, braided, and combination rugs made in the past, and serve as examples of how rug assemblers might put their rugs together.

Above left:  Flower rug, unknown maker.  Above center:  Antique rug of braided rounds with hooked inserts, owned by Kris McDermet.  Above right:  “Sea Foam” rug designed and made by Kris McDermet:  hooked centers surrounded by uniting braids with hooked triangular inserts.