Rug Challenge 2018

UnknownThe Rug Challenge for 2018 is the china pattern, “Blue Willow.”

2e4c58b66a0f1db548ae9351cebb4024 (1)The Blue Willow pattern tells the love story of two tragic lovers.  It includes the grand pagoda where a beautiful daughter lives, and where her father’s handsome young clerk works.  The daughter and the clerk fall in love.  The father arranges for the daughter to marry a very old and wealthy man, and sends the clerk away.  The clerk sneaks back into the house on the night of her engagement party, and they run away together, escaping over a bridge in the pattern and out onto a boat.  The boat takes them away to an island where they live happily… until they both perish in a fire set by the old suitor’s men when they are discovered, years later.

BWROE.3LThe gods were sorrowful at their deaths in the fire because they had been so much in love.  The gods transformed them into the pair of doves at the top of each plate.

Even the border patterns are lovely!


The Rug Challenge for 2018 is to create a rug that depicts at least some portion of the Blue Willow design.  Although multiple rug-making techniques are welcome, please try to have at least 50% of the rug made from braids.

The rugs will be presented on April 26, 2018, at the Friday evening Show and Tell.