Directions for Rug Hooking / Rug Punching 9″ Rounds

Rugs = Food = Love Project

To benefit Food Banks

Kris McDermet, Christine Manges, Dianne Tobias


“Sea Foam” by Kris McDermet.  Designed, hooked, and braided by Kris McDermet.
  1. Draw a 9″ circle on a piece of paper and cut it out.
  2. Use the 9″ circle to mark the outline of your design onto your foundation; foundations cloth can be linen, monk’s cloth or rug warp. Please no burlap.
  3. Make sure you have at least 3 outside rows of hooking before you begin your design in case we need to adjust the size to fit.
  4. Measure your round during hooking to assure it is 9” in diameter. It is very important that it is this size; no larger, no smaller!
  5. Only use wool strips. The colors, design, hooking style and cut (primitive to fine cut) are your choice. Fancy stitches are fine as long as the round is flat.
  6. Do NOT cut your foundation or finish the edges when you are finished hooking. It is the job of the rug-assemblers to pad and line each hooked/punched round, then butt a braid around it, then attach your round to others to make complete rugs.
  7. Steam/block/press your piece flat on the back of the work before sending.
  8. Write your name on a piece of paper, and safety pin it onto the back of your round.
  9. Contact Dianne Tobias at when you are done. She will tell you where to send your round for assembly with others into finished rugs. Deadline for receipt is July 15, 2020, but we would like them earlier.
  10. Send your hooked round to the rug-assemblers address.
  11. The rug-assembler will complete the rug, then send you a photo.
  12. Send other people the photo and encourage them to buy tickets! More information about the rug drawing will be forthcoming — we want a couple completed rugs to help us advertise.

Any questions? Contact Dianne at

The Drawing for Rugs will occur Sept 4, 2020, which is National Food Bank Day, via Zoom.  There will be as many winners as there are completed rugs!

All proceeds benefit the winners’ food banks, minus the cost of shipping them their rugs.

Thank YOU for helping others by making hooked rounds!