There are several books and pamphlets on rug braiding.  Here are the ones that most of us have found useful.

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Combining Rug Hooking and Braiding:
Basics, Borders, and Beyond
by Kris McDermet, Christine Manges, and Dianne Tobias; 2011, Schiffer Publishing.
272 pgs.

Although this book’s goal is to help you combine hooking and braiding, the many pages of instruction on braiding make this a great book for a beginning to advanced braider.  Lots of photos and diagrams to make all steps clear.

Available from Amazon, Shiffer, eBay.




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The Braided Rug Book
by Norma Sturges & Elizabeth Sturges;
Lark Publishing, 2006; 128 pages

This book gives excellent instruction on making braided rugs.  The 2006 edition includes some information on multistrand braiding, but the 1996 version is still fantastic without it.  Great photos of braided rugs will give you plenty of ideas for color combinations and shapes.

Out of print but available from Abe Books, eBay.



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Wool Rug Braiding with a Contemporary Flair
by Barbara Fisher and Janet Fitzgerald
Schiffer Publishing, 2010, 96 pgs.

This book is a great one for giving you the basics of the Barbara Fisher method for butting and creating all-butted rugs.  The “counted loop method” makes all rugs perfectly shaped.  My opinion is that this book is not for beginners.

Available from Amazon and Schiffer Publishing.





Braid On
by Nancy Young

From Nancy Young:  “The small self-published booklet I have named BRAID ON, preserves the directions  for designs I put out in a newsletter many years ago. The turtle rug is one of them. This tiny rug makes great gift for a new baby or a small child and does not take a lot of time to make.”  The book features tips and techniques for many advanced rug braiding projects. 

Available from Nancy Young for $10:


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Butt Booklet
by Christine Manges
Self-published May 2015; 28 pgs.

These two spiral-bound booklets walk the left-opening braider (yellow) or the right-opening braider (green) through two useful butts:  the Enclosed End Butt (modified), and Annie’s Fanny Butt.  Filled with diagrams and explanations.  Available from:  Christine Manges at: for $15 including US shipping.