Zoom Meeting May 9, 2020

In the current virus situation, our guild meetings are limited to online gatherings.  We had a lively meeting this past Saturday, with a discussion of applying for 501(c)3 status… those of you who are interested in helping us accomplish this, please let me know.

It was great to see what all of us have been accomplishing in our social isolation.  Here are the highlights:

Nancy Young’s colorful pillow of triangle seam allowances, and a black and white basket of socks.

Show and Tell is always my favorite part of any gathering, virtual and in person.  In the photo above, Nancy Young made a pillow out of all those triangles that we throw away after sewing our strip seams.  She folded the 90° point to the triangle’s diagonal, and stitched it down through the center.  It kind of looks like the flying geese quilt pattern.  The vibrant colors make it really fun!

Nancy also braided a small black and white basket out of sock material.  Cute!

Colleen Blaisdell is starting a rug

Colleen Blaisdell was given a lot of wide rolls of wool.  She has started a new rug that will use them up!  I love blue and green.

Dottie Pepe’s rug of hearts, in progress

Dottie Pepe is working on a rug of hearts.  She plans to add on further surrounding rows.  The colors are great!

Janice Lyle’s sewing basket

Janice Lyle is both a rug hooker and a braider.  She made this sewing basket lid from a crazy quilt pattern and added a braid around it.  It has a nice handle for carrying around.  A great combination of techniques!

Heidi Boldt Diefenderfer has been busy.  She has made the beautiful Dorset buttons, above — I can’t wait for all of the virus chaos to be over with so that I can take a class from her!

Heidi also designed and made this incredible mermaid doll.  She made the body, embroidered the face, and look at how she made the mermaid scales:  braids!  Just lovely.  She also braided the hair.  I can’t wait to see this in person…. someday.

Marjorie Kauffman’s braided stool covers

Marjorie has figured out how to arrange the colors in rows to make these beautiful 7-pointed star designs.  The one on the left looks like a flower.  I think she’s making these for her church, if I remember correctly.  I was dubious about the dark colors when I saw the first one, but they are unquestionably perfect.

Marjorie Kauffman’s Wrapped Braid Strip Rug

Marjorie made this heavily patterned strip rug.  She used her wrapped braid technique of fringing at the start and finish of each braid.  A nicely coordinated rug of patterns and colors.

Christine Manges is working on triangles

I’ve been working on ways to put circles together for the Rugs = Food = Love project (click on this menu item for more information, and the dropdown menu for specifics).  I’ve figured out how many loops to e-lace for putting circles together in the “hexagonal” arrangement above (3 loops).  Now I’m trying to figure out how to braid the curvy diamonds that are found between 4 circles when stacked in “square” arrangement.  It’s a tricky shape!

I plan on inviting guild members to Zoom meetings just about every weekend; it’s really nice to touch base with everyone while we can’t get together otherwise.  Some of us will also be working on figuring out mission statement and bylaws for making the guild into a nonprofit organization.

I hope everyone stays healthy!




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