Dec 7 Meeting Plans

Janice Sonnen (our Speaker) will be teaching a small wool applique and embroidery candle mat.

We have an awful lot to cram into one meeting in December!  I hope most of you can make it on the 7th of December.

  1.  The most important issue will be to review the class submissions, which are due Dec. 1st.  I’m going to look through them and form my own opinions,  then present all of them to you and seek your thoughts.  Most of the classes are listed (some with photos) at the end of the last blog post on this site, and I just asked the speaker, Janice Sonnen, to teach a short class on wool applique also.  We have to have a balanced program, with a mix of advanced and beginner topics, and also a few wool-related classes that aren’t braiding.  If we refuse anyone’s class, we can probably just defer it one year.

2.  Signing up for January gathering at the Friary.  I’ll have sign-up forms printed up.  Bring your checkbook if you’re planning on going.  I am personally really looking forward to this one-time gathering of the guild + friends!  We’ll focus on beginners, basic skills, and nametags.

3.  Deciding on Name Tags that we will make for the VF Spring Braid in while we’re at the January gathering.  Make one for yourself as an example and bring it!  We want simple, clear, and with either a printed-on-fabric label that we can iron on, or with a clear vinyl pocket to have a paper name tag visible through.  Stress simple:  we had over 50 attendees last year, and we don’t want to take too much time away from braiding!

4.  Committees.  We discussed before that we really need to have committees for the Spring Braid in.  Set-up, Take-Down, Welcome & Folders, Speaker Entertainment and Set-Up/Clean up for her Presentation, Rug Labelling for Show & Tell, Vendor Tables, etc.

5.  Decision about Meeting Schedule next year.  Deb Weinhold has set up the schedule with Landis Homes, but we have to decide if we want a meeting in January in addition to our gathering at the Friary, or not?

6.  Bring Your Scraps and Embroidery Floss!  I’ll bring my Sizzix Big Shot machine for cutting out shapes.  We’ll make some Christmas ornaments.  I particularly like the ones shown here:

Wool Squares Christmas Tree:

Embroidered Wool Felt Ornaments:

And there are some Moravian Stars I’m interested in trying out.  See  I can’t imagine these would work for wool, though — more for cotton fabric.  I’m actually using the pretty silver-lined Dunkin Donuts coffee bags, and my silver-lined dog food bags — they’re pretty!  Bring some if you have them and I’ll show you.







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