10/12/19 Meeting

Charlie, the rescue dog, who looks very much like the one we lost.  See how rough his coat is?  He’s had a tough life.

First I apologize for how long it has taken me to write this up.   With getting ready for the Methuen braid in and teaching a class there, then teaching another class as soon as I got home, and adopting a rescue dog from 5 hours away… I am tired.  All I’ve been doing the past couple days is quilting and dog-walking (I know, I should be braiding, but I’ve started a log cabin quilt).


At the meeting, we talked a lot about the January braid in (Jan 9-12, 2020) that we’re planning at the St. Francis Friary in Easton, PA.  This site is different from our usual St. Francis Retreat in Bethlehem, PA, although the facilities are affiliated.  It’s about 20 minutes east of Bethlehem.  It is a newer building, and although I haven’t seen it, it sounds quite nice.  We’re going to have a gathering there to focus on the local guild, to perhaps make some nametags for the Spring Braid in, and make sure the site is handicap accessible and suited for our needs.  If it all works out, we’ll move there at the next opportunity, which is 2023.

At the January braid in, we plan on focussing on beginners and braiding basics.  We’ll probably tap a few of you to do demonstrations on basic skills… the fun stuff like e-lacing and shoe-lacing, how to lace around the Start on an oval rug, tapering, butting, and such.  If there’s sufficient interest.  If not, we’ll hang out and braid.

Commuter Option:  A few of you asked about a commuter option.  Obviously I’d prefer all of us to stay there and help evaluate the experience of what it’s like to have a braid in there, but it’s more important that we all just have fun together.  So Debbie is looking into what the Friary will charge us for commuters, and we’ll get back to you.

The focus will be on the guild, but please feel free to invite a friend.  And, if you’re a beginner, please feel free to sign up!  Here’s the registration form:  VFRBG Regis 2020 Jan

I’ll talk more about the meeting next, and then about classes planned for the Spring braid in, so far….

Sharon and Marjorie working away
Judy is starting another basket
Shirley’s fleece rug is growing.  Robin is working on a round rug.
Heidi finished a braided corn cob, and is starting another one
Colleen’s dining room rug is getting bigger
Deb Weinhold made a very interesting purse out of 4 rectangles.  The shape is really cool!  She has agreed to teach the class at the Spring Braid in.  


We’re starting to talk about the schedule of classes for the VF Spring Braid In (April 16-19, 2020).  Of course we’ll have a beginner class, and probably a butting class.

3 circle rug 1A1
Jenn Kiarsis is teaching a 3-circle runner, and how to fill in those tricky spaces between circles, and keeping the line of circles straight.


Pam Rowan is teaching her 7-strand woven square, which has a little potholder loom, kind of, to assist with the making.  The squares are then sewn into larger squares and rectangles.

Marjorie Kauffman and Peggyann Watts are both teaching something, but I don’t think a topic has been settled on.

Donna Vlasak is going to teach Featherweight Sewing Machine Maintenance (not repair:  just maintenance).  Yay!  I’m signing up first.
Tammy Ruiz putting a braided border around a punch needle project

Tammy Ruiz is going to teach Punch Needle.  This isn’t rug punching, which is much larger, but punch needle, which uses embroidery floss and makes much finer loops.


Mary Bird’s Sunflowers, from a class she taught at Nancy Young’s Maine house

Mary Bird is going to teach hooked and proddy (or rug punch and proddy) sunflowers.  Aren’t they pretty?

I’m going to teach a braided foot stool:  my dad has made the circular bases with the hardware for 4 screw-in feet.  I have foam to attach, then batting to staple gun, then upholstery fabric to cover.  You’ll have to choose the height of your feet and pain them at home to match your braided cover, which will be basically a continuous braided upside-down basket shape.   Kris McDermet will make one with a hooked center that will be surrounded with braids on the top and then wrap around the sides.  There was a lot of interest in this class when I talked about it at Methuen.

We had a class request for braided butted rectangles, and I will set that up.  I might teach it with an RO assistant, or I might ask someone else to teach it.

I am certain that there are other classes that people have proposed to me and I have agreed to…. and I forget what they are!  Please write to me!!

I think we need a few more classes to round out the schedule.

Here is the class proposal form, if you would like to submit a class.  Or, if you have a class in mind that you would like to take, please write to me!  We can repeat classes from previous years.  Submitting a Class Proposal 2020

OK, the next guild meeting is November 9 (I won’t be there, I have a show to participate in) and after that it’s December 7.








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