9/14/19 Guild Meeting

Dottie showing the 5-Diamond Star she is modifying:  she is softening the inner points with partial rows.  

It was so nice to see everyone again after a long summer with no gatherings!

The first big topic was the January braid in we’re planning on.  It will be an “investigational” braid in!  We’re going to stay at the St. Francis Friary, which is affiliated with the St. Francis Retreat where the VF Spring Braid in is usually held, but the Friary is bigger and newer and located 20 minutes further east.  After a few physical plant issues at the Retreat, we decided it might be a good idea to plan on moving to a more modern facility.  Since there aren’t any springtime openings for 3 more years at the Friary, we’ll still be having the VF Spring Braid in at our usual place for the next few years.  But, we’re going to visit this new site just to make sure we all like it.

Marjorie found a perfect luggage tote for her Singer Featherweight at Walmart.  The extendable arm will make the wheeled tote very easy to travel with.  She’s making a rectangular braided cushion for the bottom.

The plan for the January 9-12, 2020 gathering is to keep it relaxed:  just a braid in.  There won’t be any classes except maybe some small group beginner teaching, and maybe a few demos of basics (tapering, increasing, etc).  The idea will be just to have a peaceful time with each other and hang out.  We’ll keep the registration just paper and pay with checks, and maybe we’ll work on name tags for the VF Spring Braid in if we feel like it.  We want to keep it guild-focussed, but all guild members can invite a friend if they would like, and beginners are welcome (as well as anyone else who really wants to come).  Price will be largely determined by whether you want double occupancy (cheapest) or a private room with bathroom down the hall, private room with jack and jill bathroom, or a private room with a private bath (all options available).

Pat is working on a colorful hit or miss.

More about that at the next meeting, where we’ll have registration forms available.

For the VF Spring Braid in, we’re going to have sign-up sheets for committees to help with set-up and take-down.  It’s a whole lot of work for Debbie!  We need to help out.  If you’re interested in teaching next year, please start talk to me (Christine) about it.  I’ve heard about some very interesting ideas already!

Judy makes lovely baskets that she donates for charity auctions.

The Rug Challenge for 2020 is “Braided Sculpture.”  Let me modify that slightly to be “3D Braiding, so that it can include practical items like purses and footstools and baskets and tote bags.  I’ve had a few comments that we’re getting a little too crazy in our challenges and in some classes, and that people really just want to make something practical and don’t want to waste time on crazy things.  I have a few reactions to those comments.  First, I think our crazy challenges are delightful, and inspire people to try things that they might not otherwise attempt, and see what the possibilities are.  I think it’s fun to work on crazy!  Second, the challenges are purely optional.  If something is too crazy for you, then skip that year.  Third, I think some of the negativity is coming from a feeling of being under-appreciated for braiding oval rugs and just being comfortable with that.  If you are “just” an oval rug braider, you are still appreciated!  The challenges aren’t meant to be intimidating; they’re meant to be inspiring.  If you aren’t inspired, I like you anyway!  And I still like oval rugs!  So that’s my take on things.

Karen has a stack of Greek Key squares that she will assemble into a rug.  Can’t wait to see it!

Robin Kershaw looked into a personalized tour at Winterthur for us.  Winterthur is an amazing museum (the grounds are also wonderful) of early American antiques.  They have moved entire rooms from houses (including walls and floorboards) from colonial homes that were about to be torn down.  I wanted to see if we could get a personalized tour that would focus on the rugs and other textiles used in early American homes.  Robin found out that we would need at least 10 people, and that a personal tour like that (with a curator doing a lot of preparatory research) would cost $40/person ($20 to get in, and $20 more for the tour).  If you are interested, please let me know; there are 3 people so far.

Joanna finished her large pinwheel from Delsie’s class.  What a beauty!  The 3-circle table runner with picot edge is also beautiful.  The center circle has a diagonal 8-strand braid.

Robin is beginning a round rug
Shirley is working on a fleece rug.  

Shirley told us that polyester fleece rugs can take the finish off of hardwood floors, so you have to use a rug pad with them.

Heidi finished a locker hooked piece.  Look at the pretty embellishments that she added!

Kristen is working on a pretty hit or miss

Next meetings:  Oct 12, Nov 9, Dec 7.

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