Field Trip: The Wool Studio

Judy Borger bought some lovely wools for her next rug

Last Friday, a few of the guild members met (and SHOPPED!) at The Wool Studio in Reading.  The visit was rescheduled last minute, and many of the people who had planned to go… couldn’t.  But, Judy Borger and Sandy Huber and I had a nice time, and went out to lunch afterward.


Rebecca Erb measuring fabric

Rebecca Erb started the business in 1999.  Originally, she was a student at the Green Mountain Rug Camp for rug hooking.  She started selling wool to the other students at the rug camp via a mailer, and the business has progressed from there.






Rebecca and her daughter Amy

Rebecca sells mainly to the Rug Hooking community, and she was surprised to learn that there are rug braiding conferences as well.

Her business in primarily via mail-order or online ordering; it is possible to visit the Wool Studio, as we did, but you have to pre-arrange it — it’s not a drop in kind of store.

Rebecca has gotten so busy that her daughter Amy and son-in-law Matt now are employees of the business.  Even her mother, who is in her 90’s, helps with measuring and pricing the odd ends of fabric that are of non-standard lengths.

100-yard rolls are broken down into bolts

Rebecca just received a large delivery of 100 yard rolls of fabric, which you can see in the background.  The rolls are cut down into bolts of either 15 yards or 10 yards.  Then some of the bolts are cut into 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1-yard lengths, as well as half-yards.


Rebecca gets her wool from mills outside the US.  She reports that the weaves are going to be just a little bit tighter, which she is pleased about.  All of her fabrics are 100% wool.

Sandy Huber (right) has a stack of wool to buy

Go to “” to look at the fabrics available.  To get on her mailing list and receive swatches in the mail, either pay $5 or order at least 2 yards of wool from every mailing.



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