Guild Meeting 2/23/19

Eileen demonstrates how to make and use freezer paper templates for wool applique

At the meeting, we started with a demonstration of how to make and iron on freezer paper templates for wool applique projects — a great way to use up wool scraps!  Eileen Colligan demonstrated the technique and showed a few projects that she has made.  Everyone was most impressed!  Although it looks like Barron slept through the presentation.

I showed how to use a “Big Shot” cutting machine, which uses dies to cut out shapes for you.  It’s another way to cut out shapes for wool applique projects.

Then we had a meeting and show and tell.  At the meeting, we reminded everyone about a few things coming up:

  1.  Next guild meeting is March 30, 2019.
  2.  At the VF Spring Braid In, the Challenge Rug + Show and Tell programs are open to the public.  April 26, Friday evening, at 7 pm, all are welcome.  The Rug Challenge is “Wearable Braids.”
  3. The “Contemporary Braided Art Rugs” program opens March 12 and runs to May 8, at the Schwenkfelder Museum.  I will be giving a lecture March 13, (at noon, bring a bag lunch….) on the History of Rug Braiding in America.  105 Seminary St, Pennsburg, PA  18073.
  4. May 31 we have a Field Trip scheduled; at 10:30 am we will meet at the Wool Studio at 328 Tulpehocken Ave, Reading, PA  19611.  We will get a brief tour and history of the business, then get to shop for wool!  Plan on lunch afterward.

One item that I forgot to mention at the meeting:  I want to use this website to create “Artist Pages” for braiders.  First for the local guild, and then larger if I can pull it off.  I had started to do that with the last website, but never got very far.  I would like to start working on it after the braid in.  What I will need:  a face shot of you, a brief bio, and then good photos of your rugs, with titles and dimensions and year (roughly) of making.  Each person will have their own page.  This will be good for when you are applying to put your work in a show, or give a lecture:  it will be a web location that you can give them to show your work.  So start collecting photos, and thinking up names!

We had Show and Tell, and as usual I wasn’t as good as I should have been about getting photos of what everyone is working on.  Here are some photos that I did get:

Pat Beltz made a beautiful multicolored heart
Recently at a workshop in Maine, Debbie Wykosky finished a project that her daughter started… 15 years ago?
Karen Drevyanko is working on a colorful basket for choir books
Pat Beltz and Lynda Young working together
Debbie Wykosky finished another project:  a picot edge on a killer chair pad

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