Guild Meeting 1/26/2019

Dottie  bought an exquisite hooked rug of a lion, and she is trying out colors of wool for a braided border that she will attach.

The guild meeting was a fun one!  We had a couple people come who we haven’t seen in years — Ronnie Arena  and Judy Hartzell.  Both of them brought beautiful things that they’ve been working on!

First, some business:

  1.  The braid in filled up incredibly quickly this year.  Registration opened Jan 1 and was closed within 36 hours!  The idea that we might need a bigger place was floated, but I think for the time being it’s easier just to continue where we are.  We probably will need a bigger place in the next few years… but for now, I like hanging out with the nuns, and Debbie’s location only minutes away is ideal, since she handles so much for all of us!
  2. There were two winners at the PA Farm Show!  Carolyn Newcomer won first place, and Eileen Colligan won second.  Congratulations to them both!
    Carolyn Newcomer’s rug took first place at the PA Farm Show
    Eileen Colligan’s rug took second place at the PA Farm Show

    There was a bit of discussion about how we have to get MORE RUGS into the PA Farm Show.  We’ll figure that out later.

    3.  We have a Field Trip coming up!  Since the meeting, a date has been nailed down:  May 31, 2019.  We’re going to The Wool Studio, run by Rebecca Erb and her family.  The shop has exquisite textured wools, and also light-colored wools for dyeing.  While the shop has more of a following from hookers, since we lost Loretta, many of us have been looking for nearby alternatives.  The Wool Studio doesn’t usually allow walk-in customers — they’re not really a storefront and do most of their business via mail order and internet sales — but they do allow groups like ours to come at scheduled times.  We’re meeting at 10:30 am at the shop, which is at
    328 Tulpehocken Ave in West Reading, PA.

    4.  Nancy Young purchased white aprons as name-tags for the braid in.  She has ideas for ironing on the names and where people are from on the chest region of the apron, and then letting people stencil whatever they want on the rest of the apron.  I think it will be fun!  I love stenciling with acrylic paints.  When I visited Nancy one time, she had me stencil baker’s towels with dragonflies and butterflies, and I had the best time!

    5.  I’m turning in the rugs to the Schwenkfelder Museum on Monday, March 4, so it would be best to get me any rugs or chair pads for the Contemporary Braided Art Rugs exhibit at the next guild meeting, Feb 23.  We also need small braided rugs, trivets, baskets, etc., for the gift shop.  The museum takes a 30% cut on everything sold, so price accordingly.  The Exhibit will run March 12 – May 8 at the Schwenkfelder museum — plan to drag friends and family along to visit!

    6.  Show and Tell:

    Version 2
    Judy Hartzell is making a colorful penny rug.  I really like how the one side is shaped like the circles, rather than straight across.
    Marjorie Kauffman is making braided stool covers.  Look at that 7-point star!  Even the sides have a pretty pattern.
    Judy & Judy:   Judy Hartzell is laying the braids around Judy Borger’s pretty purple and pink rug.
    Joanna’s 3-circle rug was much admired.  The center is a 2-braid spiral surrounded by an 8-strand multistrand.  She’s putting a picot edge around the curves.
    Ronnie Arena made this 3-circle rug out of silk ties.  She put a picot edge around it.  Isn’t this lovely?
    I recently got a lesson on how to dye three different colors in one dye pot on a braider’s yard of fabric.  I have ideas in mind for braiding with these pieces…
    I recently finished my sample rug for the Greek Key border class.  (If I never do another blunt ending for a braid again, it will be too soon).

    Hope to see you next guild meeting:  February 23, 2019.

    Christine Manges


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