2019 Wearable Braids

The Rug Challenge for the 2019 VF Spring Braid in is Wearable Braids!  Our “Show and Tell” session Friday evening will be accompanied by a fashion show.

We had an earlier fashion show a few years ago that was instigated and run by Pam Rowan.  It was hysterical!  Here are a few photos from that time, which should inspire you….  See what you can come up with for 2019!

Pam Rowan and Nancy Young with braided bikini tops and sarongs at the Braided Fashion Show by Pam in 2015
Dianne Tobias with a braided hat and purse (2015)
Delsie Hoyt models a cowboy hat (2015)
Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 7.03.12 PM
Pam Rowan made these incredible LLBean boots!  (2015)