March 24, 2018 Meeting

IMG_1160We had a full house at the last meeting!  It was so nice to see everyone, including some new braiders and some “old” ones we hadn’t seen in awhile.

Judith McCabe came and talked to us about the Lancaster Fiber Festival ( which will be held August 16-18, 2018 at the Lancaster Convention Center.  She needs volunteers and especially demonstrators.  How would you like to help out by registering to demonstrate rug braiding for a couple hours with a friend or two?  Sign-up is on the website.

Nancy Young wore a beautiful scarf from her recent travels to southeast Asia and spoke a bit about how to set up a group rug, which we are doing for Donna Pitz’ family.  She has braided a center, and we will add butted braids for each row thereafter.  The braids can be straight-laced together, and then are added to the rug in sets or two or three, or even four braids at once as the rug gets larger.  Each braid increases by about 6″ in length, so a set of two would have to be 12″ longer than the last row on the rug, and a set of 3 would have to be 18″ larger than the last row on the rug.  We will butt and lace them together at the braid in.

IMG_1157Volunteering at Fabscrap:  We have three dates from Gerald for driving us up to Queens, New York City, to volunteer one afternoon.  Fabscrap is a business for recycling fabric leftover from the cuttings from the fashion industry  Apparently they have wool!  Volunteering (sorting fabric) for a few hours gets you a $5 off coupon.  None of us have been there, so we don’t know exactly what’s involved or what the place will be like, but it will be an adventure!  And we’ll go out to lunch and have fun.  We will have to pay Gerald for the van rental and driving, but he is very reasonable in price judging from the last time we caravanned.

The dates Gerald has available are:  May 8, 10 or 31. Please pull out your calendars  NOW  and, if you are interested, send me a note ( with which days could work for you.  It will be fun!

IMG_1159 (1)We are all set for the visit to Bedford Coverlet Museum June 9.  It is just out the PA turnpike a couple hours from the Harrisburg area.  I have emailed with the site; they are expecting our group about 11 am for a tour.  I figure after the tour, they can recommend a local lunch place, and some of us may wish to explore the town a bit afterward.


A couple of Debora Konchinsky’s beaded quillie necklaces

The braid in is full (yay!).  We have a couple people coming to sell fabric (Barb Esterly, and Lois Rosenberger).  Our speaker is Debora Konchinsky of Critter Pattern Works, and Nancy shared some beautiful necklaces that she had bought from her.  I think we’re really going to enjoy hearing about her business and seeing what she makes.

Don’t forget:
• Blue Willow Challenge for the braid in
• Chair Pad Pageant for the Special Exhibit of Contemporary Rug Braiding August 15-18

***Next Lancaster Braid Meeting is May 19.





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