Guild Mtg Feb 17, 2018

Marjorie Kauffman experimented with a new type of knotted border for her 7-pointed star chair pad

The guild met on February 17 at the Lancaster location (Landis Homes, Lititz PA). Here are the things we talked about:

  1. Making a group rug from Donna Pitz’ wool for her husband.

Since Nancy Young – our most experienced group rug organizer – is gallivanting about Cambodia and Vietnam and Thailand…. Debbie Wykosky brought the wool that she had picked up from the Pitz family and instructed us to take wool, braid with it, and make sure the braids had one strand of the heathered medium gray coat weight wool throughout. The gray was torn into strips that were about 3.5” wide; we’ll need to tear each of these in half lengthwise to make strips 1.75” wide for braiding. Debbie still has more wool if you are interested. I think the general plan is to butt the ends of the braids together to make a large continuous rug…but I will defer to Nancy and Debbie on the details.   (I took a pretty green piece). You can supplement with your own wool if needed.

  1. Spring Braid in
Debbie Wykosky and Barb Meyers

The braid in is filling up! As of the meeting, we still had 3 spots open, but we’re down to one spot open now. Several classes still have openings, but many are full. (I am so relieved – every year I go into a panic as to whether we’ll be able to cover our costs, so I am just delighted that we have so many people who’ve registered early this year!) We discussed some plans regarding Chinese food for Friday’s dinner to tie in with our “Blue Willow Challenge” later that evening. Thank you to everyone who registered early!

  1. Gathering of Guilds/FibreFest

This Saturday, February 24, from 9 am to 3 pm, is the FibreWorks Gathering at Swatara Church of God just north of Harrisburg. Carolyn Newcomer and Christine Manges are teaching two classes: braided trivet and circular mug rug. We would LOVE to have some help!! And, please bring a few rugs to display. The classes introduce people to braiding and since they are absolute beginners, it really helps to have some volunteers to correct all the mistakes that are inevitably made in a first braiding project.

Mary Grove, Dottie Pepe, and Myra Jane Ober

At the event, there are a lot of different guilds that have items for sale and classes to take: lacemakers, basket weavers, quilters, rug hookers, embroiderers, wheat weavers, knitters, crocheters…. Lots of different things to look at. If you want to take classes, get there early to register – they fill up. Admission cost: can of food or donation. Parking is across the street in WITF – a shuttle is frequent. It’s a lot of fun!

  1. Trip to Bedford Coverlet Museum: June 9, 2018. Put it on your calendar!

  1. Other trips? Some suggestions were: Landis Valley Museum, the Ephrata Cloisters, and …? I would of course love it if everyone came out to the Sauder Village exhibit this August, but that’s a REALLY long way away. We didn’t really come up with anything definite.
  2. Karen Drevyanko and Monica

    Harleysville vs Lancaster for meeting site?I’m still not convinced that we don’t occasionally need to meet at Harleysville. Two of our Delaware residents haven’t made it to the Lancaster site yet, and I think part of it is the distance issue. I’m thinking about an early summer meeting at Harleysville? We’ll see.

  1. Blue Willow Challenge: Everyone can make a blue and white rug!!! Think about it! The rugs will be shown April 27 at Show and Tell at the Braid in. You have time! Yes, the Blue Willow China theme would be nice, but this only has to be a loose interpretation!
  2. Next meetings: March 24, May 19, Sept. 15, Oct. 27, Dec. 1 at Landis Homes.


Nancy Young’s braided hat. Notice that leather is used not only for the band, but for the braiding as well.
Pat Beltz is working on a rectangular rug









Judy Borger is making small baskets to donate. These have 3″ centers.
Judy, Carolyn, and Eileen


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