Guild Meeting 11/18/2017

IMG_0847The recent meeting of the Valley Forge Rug Braiding Guild was a fun one.  Many of us worked on “Quillie” trees, in which we rolled 1/4″ strips of wool into coils and then glued the coils onto a styrofoam Christmas tree.  Most of us didn’t quite finish the trees… but soon!

We talked about several agenda items.  First, location of the meetings.  I have had some frustrations with the meetings at Harleysville (although it’s hard to argue with “free”).  The administrator I work with has several times forgotten about our meetings, even despite reminders 2 weeks ahead of time.  Now I remind her 3 times before every meeting so that we’re not standing in the hallway while bingo goes on in “our” room.  While this works, I’d like us to try out meeting with the Lancaster braiders in the Landis Homes location.  They’re located in Lancaster but have a Lititz address.  I’ll email more details closer to our next meeting January 13, 2018.

Carolyn Newcomer’s pot holder

Second, the Farm Show — Pennsylvania’s State Fair — is accepting entries for the January Fair on their website.  Email Carolyn Newcomer with any questions.  You can enter a rug in each of the following categories:  braided rug, tote bag, creative fiber, and potholder.

Those of you who are interested in teaching a class at the braid in should finish a class sample, photograph it, and get the forms in by December 15.  The braid in is April 27-29, 2018 at the Bethlehem, PA location.  Here is the form for submitting a class:  Submitting a Class Proposal 2018

The “Gathering of the Guilds…”  now renamed “Fiber Works Gathering” will take place in Swatara (Harrisburg) on February 24, 2018.  This is always a fun time:  we braiders teach short courses on rug braiding, and there are also quilters, rug hookers, basket makers, crocheters, knitters, wheat weavers, embroiderers…. it’s a fun time.  You can take short classes, and help us out with the braiding classes.  Parking is across the street and there’s a frequent shuttle that brings you across the highway.

CPW cat faces in woolSAM_1691 me 2 inches.jpgThe Speaker for the 2018 Braid In will be Deborah Konchinsky of Critter Pattern Works.  She uses scrap wool and machine applique in order to make beautiful wall hangings with animals.  Check out her site:

UnknownDon’t forget to start work on your Challenge Rug for the braid in!  This year’s challenge is “Blue Willow,” the china pattern.  I’ve already started work on mine….

Some suggestions are:  focus on one element.  The pagoda,  the fence,  the birds,  the border to the plate, or the trees.  You can use other skills besides braiding, but try to have braiding make up more than 50% of your rug.

We touched briefly on thoughts for places to go in the coming year, since our field trips this past year (Delsie’s Exhibit in Vermont, and the Mercer Museum) were such fun.  Some suggestions were:  the Bedford Springs Coverlet Musuem, the Tenement Museum in New York, the Folk Art Museum in NY… nothing is definite.

IMG_0494.jpegThe Chair Pad Pageant will take place at the Sauder Village Rug Hooking Week, which is August 15-18, 2018.  There will be a Special Exhibit of Contemporary Braided Art Rugs, and Kris McDermet and I (Christine Manges), will be the curators.  We’re asking guild members and other rug braiders to make a 13 – 16″ chair pad for the exhibit to be a part of the “Chair Pad Pageant,” an entire wall of braided rugs.  If you wish to sell your chair pad, it will be sold for $60 + shipping.  If you don’t wish to sell, that’s fine.  More on that later.

Finally, there were some lovely rugs being worked on at the meeting.  Here are some photos:

Marjorie Kauffman made a lovely chair pad with a star and a picot edge (and look at that sweet pumpkin)
Carolyn Newcomer worked on a border for her landscape rug











Working on Quillie Trees
Christine Manges’ candle mat with ruffled braids

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