2015 Just for Kids

The “Just for Kids” Rug Challenge brought out a lot of very creative thinking.  Here are some photos from the show.

Rose Robertson-Smith taught herself how to rug hook just so that she could hook portions of this braided hopscotch rug.  Notice the lovely multistrand border.
PeggyAnn Watts braided a Twister game complete with a spinner.  The spinner has 9-loop centers to indicate the colors.  The game board is finished with a braided border of all the Twister colors.  
Pam Rowan made a Cat in the Hat… hat!
Version 2
Pam also made a maze, and finished it with a beautiful border of zigzags.
Isn’t Deb Lynch’s Mickey Mouse Rug just beautiful?  Some kid is very lucky!
Bobbi Mahler braided a tic-tac-toe toss game.  In the basket, she has X’s and O’s that are braided.  Notice the braided X and O patterns on the outside of the game board.  Wow!
Pam Landry braided a rug of crayon colors, as well as several other things….
Pam also braided a crayon…
and a peppermint












Eileen Colligan braided a teddy bear rug.
Cheryl Hanline is braiding a game board, shown in the adjacent photo.  Notice the carefully pieced X’s in the braiding.
Heidi Boldt Diefenderfer is an accomplished doll-maker as well as braider.  Her teddybear girl has a braided lace headband.
Dianne Tobias made a hooked and braided baby rattle
Kris McDermet holds a quilted baby ball on the left and a hooked and braided beach ball on the right.  The hooked portions are pentagons… 12 of which come together to make a ball.
Delsie Hoyt made a braided rug with moths and fireflies swirling around a flame.  Wow!
Christine Manges braided a maze (technically, a labyrinth).