2010 Flower Challenge

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Pam Rowan’s sunflowers have a sunset strip rug background,  finished with a scalloped edge.  There are little felted mice playing between the stalks, and bumblebees buzzing near the flowers.
Nancy Fogg made this 8-part flower.  9-loop centers are found in the center and at the middle of each petal.  A dramatic and unusual flower.
Tina Skinner made this flower.  There are 12 flower petals, and she deliberately made everything a little asymmetric — like a real flower.  The leaves begin and end bluntly, and are finished with a black border.
Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.02.05 AM
Kris McDermet made this beautiful Tree of Life design, which is both hooked and braided.  The tree is flowering with 9-loop centers.  After a richly patterned border, another border of individual leaves and flowers is attached.  Kris chose to put this on the cover of the book she co-wrote with Dianne Tobias and Christine Manges:  Combining Rug Hooking and Braiding.
Debra Weinhold made this somewhat somber flower while she sat with her mother, who was dying with dementia.  On the petals, the carefully organized arrowhead patterns at the centers then disintegrate and become disorganized as they get closer to the edges.  A beautiful and sad piece.
Loretta Zvarick’s vibrant personality shines through in this vibrant rug.  She chose the rug colors to match a box of treats that she was given.
Sandy Busby made this colorful little mat with its dainty picot edge to match the flower photo in the background.  Very pretty.
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Christine Manges made this “Starburst Lily”  out of spiraling pink and black diamonds, and spiraling green and black leaves.  When the diamonds didn’t fit together properly in the center, she filled in with a star with long yellow points.
Becky Herrick took an unusual approach to making this rug:  She used up a lot of seam-end  triangles to poke under loops to create the textural aspects of this piece.
Judy Hartzell made this very creative flower.  The center is proddy; next are 4 braided circles, surrounded by a back-and-forth triple border.  Then a few rows of surrounding braid surrounded by a fringe of tied strips.  Then a couple leaves are braided with a back-and-forth triple picot edging on the leaves.
Maureen DeKaser braided this sunflower against a blue sky.  The yellow petals are prodded through the braids, and the greeen leaves are padded and stuffed, then surrounded with braids.
Dianne Tobias made this embellished flower trivet.  The center is hooked with embroidery floss.  The surrounding butted rounds have beads attached and a row in which beads are threaded onto a wire, then braided in.   The outer row is a back-and-forth triple border.
Nancy Young made a striking art piece for the rug challenge:  “Wall Flower.”  She used newspaper to make braids and then painted the flower and leaves and stem.  The center of the flower is composed of narrowly cut strips of glossy paper.  A beautiful piece!